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What is the Face Morph?

Our premium product is moving; but don't worry, it isn't far!

The suite of Face Morph products have been transferred to Ideas Quarter (iQ) Ltd; a new company setup by us to solely look after our Face Morph interests.

In the meantime, some information is still available on this website while the change-over takes place

What would you like in 20 years? How would you look painted on canvas? What if you could change your identity?

The Face Morph allows you to do all this and more. The Face Morph software takes your picture before changing you to make you appear older, younger, like a work of art or of a different ethnic background - it can even make you look like a chimp!

What can the face morph do? Sample Images - What can it do?
View some samples of some previous morphs performed on our very own Craig!
Customise the face morph Customise It
The advantage of this product is that it is totally customisable with endless opportunities. Aging, ethnicity change, celebrity baby generation, face averaging or even animal morphs are all possible!

The FifeX Face Morph also has the added advantage that it can produce a personalised print-out for the users to take home.

The software, accompanied by a booth made by FifeX Design-Create, will give you the perfect 'must have' interactive for science centres, museums, arcades, shopping malls and family entertainment centres worldwide.

The FifeX Face Morph is available for purchase and hire. For more information please contact us.

Some of our previous clients have released web versions of the morph using our software. Some users have compiled videos of them having fun with the software and released them on You Tube, have a look here.


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