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Many clients like to use our complete package; concept design and idea generation, right through to installation and maintenance. However, other clients appreciate the flexible nature of our business and even choose to involve us half way through their project. We've also been employed to upgrade and repair products and exhibits made by other companies.

A more in-depth view of our expertise:

  • early-stage consultancy
    • What do you want to communicate? Having made so many different things in FifeX's life, we have probably come across most of the stumbling blocks you might face; we can give you a good idea how to do things and what is possible before you start making things - this can save you an awful lot of time and stress! We're also very used to liaising with designers and project facilitators.
  • concept formation and development
    • Do you already have some ideas or are you looking for inspiration? Whether it's on our own or as part of your project team, we can work with you to come up with ideas or develop what you already have. Although we are more than used to making things, we are still capable of freeing our minds to work with you at this stage and because we've seen so many different things, we've got lots of ideas! We also regularly work closely with education and interpretation experts who we can bring in at this stage.
  • all aspects of design
    • FifeX can undertake every and any aspect of designing your project. We will oversee the design and placement of everything however simple or complex it may be. Since 2002, we have built many different things and we can bring that experience to your project. Big or small, timber or plastic, crank handle or light sensor, inside or out, software or hardware - we will cover everything for you and design everything in 3D so you can inspect it before the work begins. In addition to this, we will happily use any existing designs you may have of some elements of the product - we're flexible and thorough.
  • project build
    • FifeX can take ownership of the entire build or the co-ordination of the build if multiple parties are involved. Having one person to call throughout your project can make life much easier - if there are awkward decisions about who is doing what, when you need things from one company to give to another, or what size the graphics need to be to make sure they fit onto the units... we'll sort all of it for you!
  • installation
    • In most cases, carriage and installation are crucial parts of the project - our products have been on show everywhere from Shetland to Thailand and various places in between. Do you need your project designed to fit in a 40ft container, or perhaps the boot of a Fiesta?
  • maintenance
    • Having designed and made so many things, we're well placed to look after an existing FifeX product or make upgrades and repairs to your existing products made by other companies. Do you have something that used to work but you're not quite sure what went wrong with it? We'll happily have a look at it - maybe we can make it work better than it ever did before!

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